Our services

At PLANNING RESULTS, because of our integrated marketing approach we have experience in a multitude of areas that enable us to provide you with the best solution.
It is all about having a strong platform which can be translated into the various elements, making sure that each element works in synergy reinforcing key messages.
Here is an example of the various areas that we are involved in.

  • Developing Strategy - a plan of action\r\n
    • Product & Services
    • Not for Profit Organisations
    • Cause Related Marketing & Socially Responsible Initiatives
    • Managing the "what ifs"
    • Stakeholder Communications
    • Briefings
  • Electronic Communication
    • Email* campaign design (*PLANNING RESULTS has a purpose built email delivery system - edelivering© )
    • Email campaign development
    • Email campaign evaluation
    • Website development (Including out specialised Website Content Management System (WCMS))
    • Website design
    • Website evaluation
  • Multimedia
    • Presentations
    • Event On-Screen Content
    • Electronic Information kits
    • Information kiosks
  • Content development
    • Newsletters, brochures, leaflets
    • Direct mail letters
    • Speeches
    • Websites
    • Email communication
    • Presentation
    • Proposals 
    • Iconography / livery
    • Logos
    • Publications
    • Advertising
  • Production
    • Print Production
    • Advertisement
    • Signage
    • Direct mail
    • Website development
    • Email communication execution
    • Electronic stationary
  • Direct mail campaigns
    • Database development
    • Sourcing databases
    • Development of the elements
    • Mailing
If you have a specific requirement that does not fall into any of the above categories contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you. If PLANNING RESULTS cannot accommodate your requirements we will help you find the appropriate solution through our extensive partnerships and network.