Meet the Team

Izabella Kobylanski

Izabella has acquired a wealth of experience throughout her marketing career. With over 20 years in sales and marketing, her experience spans from brand marketing through to social marketing. Coming from a public company background her eye for the bottom line is acute, this can only be matched by her lateral thinking and vision.

Her core marketing skills have been utilised in various market segments such as pharmaceutical, environmental, service industry and the food & beverage industry.

Identifying a significant information gap in the environmental and sutainability area, Izabella developed Making Environmental News. This not only provided a vital information service, it also has become an invaluable marketing platform for organisations involved in this market space.

Henryk Kobylanski

Henryk has a natural talent for understanding and interpreting technology. His experience in creative communication is a driving force at PLANNING RESULTS.

After a solid background in magazine marketing and publishing early in his career, Henryk moved into the advertising industry where he worked with organisations including Marketability, Mojo and John Singleton Advertising. His communications experience incorporates the creation and management of both above and below-the-line advertising, direct marketing and electronic communications. He was instrumental in developing specialised communication projects for many of Australia’s leading corporate organisations.

With major involvement in online and email marketing strategies since 1999, over the past 7 years he has been the inspiration in the development of various electronic communication systems, including our edelivering© email marketing system and the integration of our Joomla development Team.